Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Planning

It's been a while since I posted last.  Life has sure been busy and I just haven't had the time.  :(

My husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year for his family only 11 of us, not the usual 24 people.  We haven't hosted in 7 years and I remember the last time.  I said that I was never going to do it again.. Well, they say never to say never.  

Our little toddler will finally have his first turkey this year and I wanted it to be delicious!  That is why I wanted to host and sometimes I just want Thanksgiving my way at least once in a while.  So, I've made a plan and I've tested a recipe so far.  Cross my fingers that it will be a success.

Here's the plan so far. It's a work in progress:

Week before:
1. Buy all pantry items: broths, dried cranberries, nuts, onions,

1. Pick up turkey
2. Shop for Cranberries, baguettes, apples, green beans, brussels sprouts, potatoes
3. Make cranberry sauce
4. Make pie dough (this can be done the week before and I might do that and stick it in the freezer.)

1. Prep green beans: clean, remove ends, blanch green onions and mince a red onion
2. Clean and prep brussels sprouts: Remove ends, cut into half or quarters depending on how big the brussels sprouts are
3. Steam Sweet Potatoes
4. Prep potatoes and leave in water in the fridge
5. Buy ice and brine turkey.
6. Make pumpkin pie and put in fridge
7. Stuffing: Cut up baguette for stuffing and allow to stale overnight. Cut up onion and celery.
8. Make dough for rolls and put in fridge overnight

Thursday (I'm still working on this.. 
1. Remove turkey from brine and roast
2. Make apple Pie
3. Finish sweet potatoes
4. Cook mashed potatoes
5.  Make gravy
6.  Cook green beans

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